Allianz Insurance, a global insurance provider, partnered with us with the goal of transitioning their personal insurance product suite and brand into the top 5 insurance brands in the UK.

The Problem

Allianz Insurance were operating two online entities. The corporate site existed underneath Allianz.co.uk, while their product commerce site was under YourCoverInsurance.co.uk, loosely branded inline with the main site. This caused uncertainty of the validity of the secondary brand. Questions were raised as to the integrity of YourCoverInsurance.co.uk and whether it was in fact provided by Allianz or perhaps a distant affiliate.

The project’s key focuses were:

  • Aggregate both sites under Allianz.co.uk
  • Re-architect the site structure
  • Create UX principles
  • Create personas based on extant data
  • Propose and test user journeys based on personas through clickable prototypes
  • Develop a digital brand look and feel, validated through depth user testing
  • Develop key page templates for brochureware

My Role

I was intrinsic to the pitch and acquisition of Allianz as a new client. From that point, as Design and Experience Lead, I was responsible for creating and delivering the creative and experience vision, Initiating and conceiving the creative and experience direction, and then positioned to oversee the development of the platform and all subsequent assets.

Usability testing of existing platforms and investigatory interviews helped to establish users wants, needs and pain-points. I initially architected the new IA, allowing the development of new navigating models and design concepts. This included user journeys, wireframes, prototypes and design specs. I was actively involved in managing the client meetings and demos, ensuring they were involved throughout the design process. It was essential to involve all, from the product owner through to the Development Team. I was an extended member of the clients team, allowing us to effectively collaborate towards the same goal.

“I want to thank you for your fantastic commitment to this project and the quality of the outcome. It’s work to be proud of.”
Foolproof Partner



The client workshop consisted of two days of onsite activities with all key stakeholders. It provided an opportunity to extract extant information, insight and data from previous works and research. Being a working session, we used the time to facilitate card sorting exercise, prioritisation of content, analysing the core demographic, create the principles of design and discover any extant research.


Information Architecture development

A complete teardown of the existing systems was required to understand the extent of the content. By extracting the XML sitemap, I was able to reconstruct a sitemap of each property. This allowed comparisons and de-duplication of superfluous content. The resulting findings provided a clear view of both the client view of the situation as well as the actual. By facilitating some card sorting activities, a new optimal site structure was developed, incorporating all of the required content and eliminating waste.


Sketching solutions


Prototype development

Multiple variants of key areas were rapidly developed to enable qualitative testing, to help assess the direction for the system. The initial round of testing provided the conclusion that the existing platform Allianz used would not be suitable to provide the experience their customers were seeking, therefore a change in course was required. We collaborated to find the optimal solution, both from a monetary and experiential perspective.


Visual design process

Slightly behind, but in parallel to the Interaction design process, the UI design concepts were developed further, following the defined principles from the early project stages. Being a German brand, simplicity & precision were key principles to adhere to, therefore clear cut lines, accented angles and purposeful elements were incorporated.

User validation testing

Throughout the project, strategic usability testing sessions were planned to ensure the navigation, design direction and interaction models were effectively implemented. The findings were rapidly synthesised into usable actions and positioned within the project plan.


Brand guidelines & digital style guide

The final deliverables saw a complete digital style guide produced. This not only governed the newly developed system, but became the design direction for future digital projects, including Quote and Buy and online user management.


Post project impact

  • Visits to Allianz.co.uk increased by 12.4%
  • Number of pages reduced from 76 to 38
  • Registering online increased 162%
  • Unique account logins increased from7.9% to 23.1%