Aviva provides around 31 million customers worldwide with insurance, savings and investment products. They combine strong life insurance, general insurance and asset management businesses under one powerful brand. Aviva were focused on creating the best in class mobile app to service it insurance and finance customers. 

The Problem

Aviva were striving to deliver a market-leading mobile application that provided user access to their portfolio of products, from insurance to pensions. The application had a roadmap with a larger transformational vision, but with a Day One release planned for a three month deployment. The development was running in an Agile programme, but they were struggling to integrate design into the process. We were engaged to integrate design into the development team and to lead the user-centred design process.

My Role

I was positioned as Design Lead, responsible for design creation and direction. I was working in collaboration with the client’s in-house team, located in Norwich, to ensure that the integration was smooth and effective.

The Solution

I was responsible for initially developing a series of design concepts that were distinctly different in their approach. Immersion in the business brand values helped to develop the right tone of communication through the concept work. With focus on typography, iconography and imagery, the varying concepts bought confidence to proceed with the proposed approach.

Aviva provided a series of developed personas which were used to recruit participants for light user research. By facilitating a series of interviews, we were able to create a wish list of features and functionality. Working with the Aviva core team, the findings were organised in to a prioritised backlog and entered into a series of concurrent design and development sprints. These included the Day One features that were approved by the product owner.

During the Define/Design phase, the insight gathered provided the direction to map detailed user journeys, information architecture, wireframe concepts, functional prototypes and the UI design. Through tried and tested navigation patterns, we developed intuitive new methods for delivering key information:

  • Insurance duration indicator – this provides a visual representation of how far through the policy you are.
  • Renewal reminders: this provides a push notification when your renewal is approaching to proactively encourage repeat coverage.
  • Xchange details: to enable a customer experiencing an accident to easily exchange details with the other party.

Within the new mobile application, tasks such as ‘Making a Claim’ can be started, meaning a stressful situation can be made more manageable. Quoting for new products executed and tracked from within the system meant that loyalty discounts could be applied by default, and form population can be largely automated. The app also featured an active and passive home screen. If a user was not yet a member or had not logged in, they were still able to interact with the app and be provided with plenty of material to help them decide whether to engage with Aviva. The new User Interface design was created through a process of micro-interaction testing and iterative enhancement. The end result provided a modern, visually attractive and intuitive experience that has been proven best in class.

“Just want to say a massive thank you to you all for your hard work on Aviva over the past few days. The concepts were fantastic and I’m amazed at how much you were able to do in such a short space of time. I know you worked weekends and late into the evening to meet a tight deadline and I’m really grateful. “
– Account Manager, Foolproof

Business Impacts

The impact of the enhancements affected the key business goals, including:

  • Increase in Self Service renewals
  • Increased CSAT score
  • Increased engagement of partner offers and deals
  • Increased average product per customer from 1.2 to 1.8
  • Decreased call centre reliance