TSB wanted to execute a year long programme across its customer facing website, in order to provide an enhanced and innovative experience. The business goals required quick wins and larger long-term transformations within a rigid budget.

The Problem

TSB Bank occupies a unique market position in British retail banking, as a UK-only values-led challenger brand with over 200 years of heritage, the capabilities of a large established bank, including comprehensive distribution and product capability, and the high growth potential of a challenger bank. TSB has over 5 million customers and comprehensive product and distribution capability, including 550 branches.

Since reinventing themselves following the split from Lloyds Bank, TSB has seen it’s brand become a staple on the high street, TV and online. TSB worked with Foolproof to create their new digital proposition, and having launched Day One, they were keen to accelerate their offering to a new innovative position.

The site was performing at a modest level, however, the tools were ineffective and un-engaging, the IA was inflexible and unsupportive of the growing product offering and the content was often repurposed, as opposed to bespoke.

The challenge was to understand the extent of the business aspirations, create a prioritised backlog and embark on an Agile programme over the course of a year, to impact a selection of business and customer metrics.

My Role

My initial role was Design Lead working with the sprint team to analyse the existing solution, conduct competitor analysis to create design solutions and validate through rapid usability testing. During the second phase of the project, I transitioned to Experience Planner, leading the over-arching customer experience, overseeing the design team and ensuring we were meeting the experience design principles.

I partnered with project managers and a small dev team to uncover insights and translate concepts into features that addressed customer behaviours and motivations. This included developing frameworks and prototypes, design principles and content strategy. This helped to evangelise ideas, gain alignment and drive decision making.

Throughout each sprint, I was responsible for the direction and creation of test materials and concepts for a variety of areas within the TSB website, including user journeys, wireframes, prototypes and design specifications. Presenting findings to executives, senior stakeholders and many other TSB teams throughout the project lifecycle was a regular requirement.

The solution

With a focus on improving site KPIs and performance, phases and activities were mapped out for the year-long duration of the programme to optimise the public website, deliver a world class digital customer experience and provide this across multiple platforms. Business goals included:

• Make products easier to understand and buy
• Reduce reliance on telephony
• Communicate better the benefits of the TSB brand

We followed an evidence-based design approach gathering ideas and insight from the TSB digital team, TSB customers and the brand agency into the design process.

A series of tasks were prioritised using a cost value matrix, and embedded in to the sprint plan. The sprint duration was four weeks, with a two week overlap. This allowed design and development to work in parallel for maximum efficiency and regular delivery.


Each sprint saw a lean process of discovery and insight gathering, competitor evaluation, stakeholder interviews and dual concept creation. Once the concepts were established, a responsive HTML prototype was created to demonstrate interaction models for desktop, tablet and mobile in depth usability testing, with six segment specific participants.

Using the insight acquired from user testing, a high definition visual design layer was created and handed off to the development team to implement. Extensive visual design guidelines were created which would allow TSB to maintain and extend the experience over time.

A sample of the sprints

Sprint topics covered the breadth of the TSB digital offering, including mortgages and tools, savings calculators, debit and credit card comparisons and help & support centres:

“Regarding the work on the Mortgage section, in this four week sprint we have single-handedly delivered the biggest value on behalf of the TSB digital team this year.”
– TSB Head of UX


Post project metrics

  • Visits to the Mortgages Hub Page increased from 1,013 to 1,277
  • Visits to the Mortgage Calculator increased from 1,119 to 1,451
  • Clicks on the Apply CTA increased from 21 to 53
  • Conversion of clicks increased from 1.9% to 3.7%
  • Visits from the Mortgages Hub Page to the Mortgage Calculator increased from 279 to 608
  • Visits to the Mortgage Calculator from organic search increased from 338 to 385